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Mobile ATM Services

Cash is the preferred method of payment at most special events.

These purchases optimize vendor profit margins due to increased consumer spending as well as reducing merchant paid credit card fees. Premier ATM Services provides convenient access to mobile ATMs throughout the entire venue.

Why choose Premier ATM for your next event:

  • Full Service Program
  • Zero Liability for Event Promoters or Sponsors
  • High Speed Wireless
  • Signage for High Visibility
  • Placement Virtually Anywhere
  • Convenient & Timely Set Up
  • Experienced On-site Technicians
  • Secure, Real-time Monitoring
  • Professional ATM Image

    Due to the high number of requests for this service, we have changed our policy.

    Please read this section carefully before contacting us.

    There have been an unusual number of requests for our mobile ATM service lately. Before contacting us please make sure your event qualifies according to these new requirements:

          • There must be at least 1000 people in attendance at the event.
          • You must contact us at least two weeks in advance.
          • Must be an annually recurring event.
          • We don’t usually do one-time events unless they are very large. We specialize in events in which we can be the ATM service provider yearly
          • Should be willing to make an upfront deposit.
          • For mobile events we have special wireless standalone mobile ATM machines that can be placed virtually anywhere. We will strategically place the ATM(s) throughout the venue in the most convenient places (and near where cash is needed), typically in close proximity to the drinking establishments and vendors.

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