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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of business do you service?
Bars/Restaurants, Hotels, Convention Centers, Shopping Centers, Malls, Convenience and Grocery Stores, Tattoo Artists/Parlors, Airports, Bus/Rail/Ferry Terminals, Sports Complexes and Stadiums, Flea Markets, Private/State Operated Liquor Stores, Special Events and Festivals (Both outdoor and indoor).
How much does it cost?
Nothing! We bring the machine to your business, carefully install it, and maintain it at no charge.
Do I have to supply my own cash for the machine?
No. We supply the cash necessary to fill the machine.
How will an ATM benefit my business?
Your business could save money by avoiding costly credit card fees at the point of sale when customers use cash. For machines with high transaction volume, you may receive a monetary commission for every successful transaction. Our account representatives will gladly explain this to you in more detail.
How do I know how many transactions the machine is conducting?
We may provide you with an itemized transaction report upon request.
Do I need a phone line or internet access?
We highly suggest having the ability to connect to the internet. However, the machine can complete transactions successfully via phone or fax line.
Sounds too good to be true. Any hidden fees?
Nope. It’s really that easy! We may require a connectivity fee in the event that we are unable to establish a connection from a phone or fax line, or through the internet. We will supply the equipment to provide this service if necessary. This is very uncommon, and is usually limited to rural areas.
How do I know if the machine is low on cash?
Let us take care of it! We diligently monitor your machine from our internal network to make sure that your ATM always has an appropriate supply of cash.
What if the machine malfunctions?
Give us a call! There is a toll free number on all of our machines that will connect you to our dedicated service department, available 7 days a week. Or you can reach our service team by contacting us.
I have a need for an ATM in my hotel lobby. Do you have any "upscale" looking machines?
Absolutely! We can provide a classic wooden cabinet or a customized wrap for the ATM to match the décor of any upscale environment.

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